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Someone has created a fork of one of my GitHub private repro's (they have permission, as I made them a collaborator).

They are creating/submitting issues on their fork.

They are assigning those issues to me (as the original repro owner).

I get emails about the issues, but I want to see the issues in my own/original repro.

Is this possible?


For me to have all of the issues in one place, they must submit those issues to my https://github.com/my-username/my-repro ?

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Not natively with GitHub.

One solution would be to create on the fork a webhook which, on a issue event, would publish a JSON payload describing said event.

If you have a server listening to that payload, it could through GitHub API on issues, duplicate the issue of the private repo into your own original private repo.

The other workaround is to agree to summit any issue into one repo, but that means the discussions around those issues will reference by default the code of that repo.

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