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I have connected SAP BO to Hive using a ODBC driver. I am able to see the database and table in hive. but when i fetch data from hive it gives error as

org.apache.hadoop.hìve.serde2.SerDeExceptio SerDe com,bizohive.serde.csv.CSVSerde does not exist

Can ayone suggest where i should put csvserde jar in SAP BO

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The serde should be in the HIVE lib directory. Try copying it there, and reconnecting to Hive from BO.

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Not working..facing same issue –  chhaya vishwakarma May 20 at 4:55
Can you try hive --auxpath your_serde.jar ? –  visakh May 20 at 6:14
error is on SAP BO side after connecting while fetching m getting error in BO UI –  chhaya vishwakarma May 20 at 8:49
Do you mean that you're able to fetch the data in Hive shell? –  visakh May 20 at 8:54
Also, I think it might be worth taking a look at the ODBC file in BO. I guess the path is \some_path\dataAccess\connectionServer. some_path refers to the BO install directory and the appropriate OS path. You will find a file for ODBC in there and you could try adding the HIVE lib path to the CLASSPATH. –  visakh May 20 at 9:17

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