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I am developing an android application which will listen the audio of video played and display the time stamp with date and time of the video played. There will be huge number of videos played from the server and i want to verify the video is played or not? Video is played from Non android devices and i want to verify it by listening the audio/

I have tried with FFT,goertzel-algorithm and voice recognition to identify the audio played and acheived something on it.

Followed below links. Result from processing audio signal with Goertzel algorithm

I want to know is there any easy or alternative ways to identify the list of videos played using android ?

Please help me as i am new to android as well as DSP.

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Intel has a free media pack within their INDE suite that could help. It's a pack of easy samples, including one that enables audio fingerprinting. Sounds like this might be what you're looking for. The media pack is gold, the suite is beta.

Description from page: Audio Fingerprinting: write apps that can identify or synchronize with audio or video content by using Audible Magic* ACR technology. Upon recognition, either stream the content to the Android device, or trigger a useful function to accompany the detected content. The feature is delivered in partnership with Audible Magic*.


Note: I work for Intel and am the media product manager.

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