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I was wondering if anyone had success in porting the Linux versions of the Mongoose web server or the Civetweb web server to FreeBSD. I've tried to do a Make, but there is a compatibility issue between Linux and BSD, in that it cannot find -ldl. I've seen reference to this in a google search, and the recommended solution is probably beyond my skill level.

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I think question more related to – kuldeep.kamboj May 19 '14 at 11:40
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Linux uses GNU make by default. Its makefiles tend to be incompatible with FreeBSD's make. So you need to install GNU make using the /usr/ports/devel/gmake port. The program is called gmake on FreeBSD.

So for mongoose, download the latest mongoose source from github. Then install GNU make using the /usr/ports/devel/gmake port. Unpack mongoose;

> tar xf mongoose-5.3.tar.gz
> cd mongoose-5.3/examples

Then compile it;

> gmake
cc hello.c ../mongoose.c -o hello -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
perl websocket.html > websocket_html.c
cc websocket.c websocket_html.c ../mongoose.c -o websocket  -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
cc server.c ../mongoose.c -o server  -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
cc post.c ../mongoose.c -o post -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
cc multi_threaded.c ../mongoose.c -o multi_threaded -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
cc upload.c ../mongoose.c -o upload -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe 
cc auth.c ../mongoose.c -o auth -W -Wall -I.. -pthread -g -pipe

Civetweb also compiles without errors using gmake.

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Thank you very much – user2374378 Jun 19 '14 at 11:00

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