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The symbol @ was seen in one the program ,But i could not find why it is used .

The syntax is

 const unsigned char Array_name[] @(INFO_Array+1) = {................};
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Are you sure that the program is written in plain C (and not with parts in Objective-C)? –  angrybobcat May 19 at 11:57
It's probably indeed Objective-C. Boxed expressions I think. –  Evert May 19 at 12:01
I think that was an embedded C @user3652454 –  user3652454 May 19 at 12:01
Maybe a plain C macro that is named @ ? Eg #define @(_) or for some attribute. –  leppie May 19 at 12:04
#define INFO_Array 0x1900 const unsigned char Array_name[] @(INFO_Array+1) = {................}; –  user3652454 May 19 at 12:14
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To me, it looks like a compiler flag to disable interpreting the string "INFO_Array+1" as an expression. In C# for example, you can use the @-Operator to tell the compiler to use the following expression as String without trying to evaluate it.

A quick googling showed:

For example, this line will fail to compile:

int new = 1776;   // 'new' is a keyword 

However, this line compiles without error:

int @new = 1776;
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