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I cannot seem to make it work, no matter how I call the close method.

I tried every possible variation:


No matter where or how in the code I try to call the close method on fancybox, it always returns that there is no object, and that close is undefined. I'm losing fancybox's reference somwhere along the way.

First I open a fancybox window with a simple link <a href='".base_url('item/map_view/'.$item_id)."' class='itembox fancybox.ajax' data-fancybox-type='ajax' data-itemid='".$item_id."'>".$item['titulo']."</a>

Then, from the already opened fancybox window, a button triggers the open of another one (note: it closes the first). <input type="button" value="Eu quero!" class='itembox fancybox.ajax' href="<?php echo base_url("email/quer_item/".$idata["id"])?>" data-fancybox-type='ajax'>

And finally, I want to be able to handle the submit of the form on the 2nd fancybox window in a way it will display a message box (with Messi) and close fancybox. But I'm beginning to think this might be impossible.

The code to handle the submit:

$('#email_queroitem').submit(function(e) {
        $("#email_queroitem").serialize(), function(data) {

        var json = myParseJSON( data );
        if( json.status=="OK" ) {

            $.fancybox.close(); // this is where I want to close

            new Messi(json.msg, {title: 'Email enviado com sucesso!',
                titleClass: 'success', modal: true });
        } else {
            new Messi( json.msg, {title: 'Oops...', titleClass: 'anim error', 
                buttons: [{id: 0, label: 'Fechar', val: 'X'}]});
    }).fail( function() { general_error(); } );
    return false;
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Also tried this ? I haven't checked if putting preventDefault after the ajax call is different but hey you may try –  Kevin Cittadini May 19 '14 at 14:25
Didn't work. Same results... :( –  Christian Dechery May 19 '14 at 14:51
did you get the success messages ? ... my guess is that somewhere in your ajax calls triggers a js error that stops fancybox from working –  JFK May 19 '14 at 19:57
No, the message is not shown if the code is exactly as in my question. The fancybox error prevents the rest of the script from executing. If I try some alternative method such as $('#fancybox-close').click() the message is shown, but it still won't work. –  Christian Dechery May 19 '14 at 20:20
Since you are using ajax, your called (ajaxed) pages shouldn't have any jQuery or fancybox scripts included since they will inherit them from the calling page, otherwise they may conflict. Also, your custom scripts should be also included in the calling (main) page (your ajaxed content will be part of the main page's content when called). See jsfiddle.net/UDa7w/show –  JFK May 19 '14 at 23:45

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I have had a similar issue using colorbox. What I finally figured out was to save the initial call to the colorbox object to a global namespace. For example:

globalNamespace.myBox = $colorbox({href:'whatever'});
    // call close function like this
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