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Im new to Rails. I have 2 nested resources: Photos and tags.


Photos has many tags, and tag belongs to photo.

I want to create a scope that orders Photos by number of tags in them. The relation they have is in Tags:

t.integer "photo_id"with that column.

How should I make my scope If I want first the photos with most tags?

Thanks a lot.

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scope :most_tagged, -> { order(:tags).reverse_order.count.limit(10) } , but the thing is tags is not a column for photos...so thats why I don't know how to link it –  Gibson May 19 at 17:50

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I suggest reading some documentation about belongs_to and has_one associations.

In particular interest to you may be the :counter_cache option for belongs_to in order to keep track of how many tags each photo has. This will also give you a column to sort (and index) by as well.

From there, it should be pretty trivial to create the scope you need from examples all over the internet.

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Hi ! I added a column to Photos model named tags_count , integer type. I also added a counter_cache: true to my Tag model. How am I supposed to make my scope now? –  Gibson May 19 at 18:09
I did this: scope :most_tagged, -> { order('tags_count desc') } , it's not giving an error but the order is not right. Should I reset my ddbb? –  Gibson May 19 at 18:13
I'm actually not familiar with the recent versions Rails ActiveRecord syntax (I'm most familiar with 2.3), but I'd guess the syntax for the scope should be very similar to what you'd type for a raw query. Are the tag counts for every photo correct? –  Kache May 19 at 18:29

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