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I recently discovered Yahoo's YUI Compressor software and started using it on my website.

What I'm disappointed about with the software is its lack of a GUI, as well as a lack of a way to combine files.

Does anyone know of a project which uses the YUI Compressor as a backend that provides a GUI front-end with the ability to combine files?

I want to create a GUI application based on the YUI Compressor, but if one already exists, I'd rather use that.

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I don't believe a GUI exists for YUI Compressor...probably because in most projects YUI Compressor is run by an automatic build process, and its command line parameters are of the "figure 'em out once, forget about 'em" nature.

In terms of combining files, this too would be easy to do with the current YUI Compressor and a command line (as I'm sure you already know), but the projects that I've worked on have opted for combining JS files at runtime before sending down to the client. This allows for greater flexibility of picking and choosing appropriate JS packages for a specific users' current needs (and thus minimizing the amount of JS being sent to the client while trying, of course, to balance these packages in an appropriate browser caching scheme). Steve Souders' "High Performance Web Sites" has great discussion on this topic.

That being said, a GUI for YUI Compressor certainly sounds like something worth doing, if for no other reason than helping expose all of YUI Compressor's power to those users who are only aware of the most basic command line parameters.

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use don't use YUI GUI recommended by Joacim failed , doesn't work at all

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I made a .bat file to do the compression, and placed it in the sendto folder to have it available in the send to contextual menu in win xp.

this is the code, enjoy:

  @eecho off
  set str=%1
  set str=%str:.js=.min.js%
  set str=%str:.css=.min.css%

  java -jar "D:\YUICOM~1\build\yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar" %1 -o %str%
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Yes, someone has created a web-based GUI for YUI compressor.

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If you are after a reasonable simple implementation try:

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Me too, I wrote a Windows batch just like you in the beginning. But an idea hit me. So I open my Ecplipse IDE and give YUI Compressor a GUI in Java Swing

Tested only with Windows XP with JRE6 installed. Never have time to test it out with other OS. Hope that helps.

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Check out this one
It's the best GUI for YUI Compressor I've ever found, for Mac OS X.

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I recently open-sourced a PHP based web gui for the YuiCompressor.

It does concatenation, reporting and mutlifile upload. You can download or fork it from Github here

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For OS X you should try «Minifire» - it's small, simple and open-source

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I've written a series about writing efficient web applications for The View. Since I'm a big fan of the YUI Compressor I had a friend create a GUI for it and create a JAVA application.

You can find YUI GUI for download here:

Maybe a later release will include GZIP support as well, GZIP:ing the results of the YUI Compressor all in one go. One less step you have to do yourself... ;)

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I wrote a Window Batch file to call the YUI Compressor from command line automatically. So, you can do batch compression without the need to call the javac manually one by one in the command line.

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You can also take a look at Javascript Obfuscator - it has better compression ratio than yui.

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worth mentioning is that this is a paid app. – Nikola Dec 23 '12 at 20:04

I am using Google Closure-Compiler as an online tool.

But it would be great if someone made something like WinLess for Javascript...

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I know this thread is old but you can try out 'Minimus' (free) at:

Also there is a commercial app called 'Smaller':

Both apps are for the Mac platform.

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Yes, someone has created a Windows Desktop GUI for Yhaoo compressor & Google HTML Compressor.

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