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I want to have a 'mouseover title', like the title="text text"in HTML does it, but want to use it with an SVG sprite. This is what i tried:

<svg viewBox="0 0 8 8" id="random-svg" class="svg-controls">
  <title>start random mode</title>
  <use xlink:href="/bower_components/open-iconic/sprite/open-iconic.svg#random">

The description does not always appear. Sometimes it appears - sometimes not . Is there a position defined where the <title> should be placed ideally?

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You'll need some JavaScript I'm afraid. Tutorial + code: mecxpert.de/svg/tooltips.html –  Jonathan May 19 at 19:25
Can you provide a working example that shows it not working? It works for me. –  Phrogz May 19 at 23:20

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