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I wondered if there were any tree libraries available for (n)curses.

I'm trying to write a component that shows a tree of folders & was curious if there was a prebuilt curses component that could do this.

I've checked 'core' curses as well as libraries like CDK - and I can't seem to find anything.

If none exists, I'm not averse to building my own - but I can't seem to locate any decent tutorials on doing this, so any help in this regard would also be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ace

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Depends on what programming language you're using/willing to use. I recently submitted a tree widget for Urwid, which is a curses widget library for Python: http://bitbucket.org/robla/urwid-treetools/src/

UPDATE 2015-09-06 - My patch was accepted a long time ago as part of Urwid, which now supports a tree widget in its core. The link in my original 2010 answer still links to my old code, but is obsolete.

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Look at the Midnight commander source code (http://www.midnight-commander.org/) It has a tree store widget.

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