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I've got this grammar, lalr1, whitespace ignored:

%start Program

Program : Body EOF
        { return $1 }

Body : Body Statement
     | Statement

Statement : CallExpression '=' ObjectExpression

ObjectExpression : ObjectExpression ObjectAssignment
                 | ObjectAssignment

ObjectAssignment : identifier ':' BinaryExpression
                 | SimpleExpression ':' BinaryExpression

BinaryExpression : BinaryExpression operator UnaryExpression
                 | UnaryExpression

UnaryExpression : prefix UnaryExpression
                | CallExpression
                | ArrayLiteral
                | SimpleExpression
                | ParenthesizedExpression

CallExpression : this
               | identifier
               | CallExpression ArrayLiteral
               | CallExpression '.' identifier
               | CallExpression FunctionArguments

Basically it tries to parse things like that

a = a:1 b:2 c:a
b = d:4 e:5 f:6

but it has a shift reduce conflict for identifier on ObjectAssignment rule. If I change the identifier to this it does the same (something involving CallExpression).

I removed the s/r conflict by tokenizing identifier+optional_space+':' in flex so it's like

ObjectAssignment : objectIdentifier BinaryExpression

but that's not a good solution, because I have to run another regex to extract the identifier, or I maybe need identifier ':' for other rules. So how can I remove the conflict without adding additional terminal symbols?

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