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I need to get data from text fields. I used TkText but could not pass it the argument 'textvariable'. This argument only works for Tk::Tile:Entry is a single line in height, and I need 3. I went to change settings for :rowspan when rendering 'Entry' widget, but it did not help.

$message = TkVariable.new
text = Tk::Tile::Entry.new(content) {
    textvariable $message # not worked in TkText :(
    width 1
    font TkFont.new('bold times 12')
    pack('side' => 'left', 'padx'=> '0', 'pady'=> '0')

How it to make?

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no solutions? help me pls!! –  technobot May 20 at 3:31
What error message do you get? –  Donal Fellows Jun 5 at 19:39

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The text widget has a get method, which takes two indices that describe a region to get. The first character is the string 1.0, and the last character is the string end-1c (technically, the last character in the widget is end, but tk always adds an extra newline at the end which you normally don't want to get)

My ruby is very rusty, but I think this will work:

data = text.get('1.0', 'end-1c')
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