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I cannot seem to render a subsection of a PNG to an HTML canvas. I have a canvas 2D context and an image preloaded, onload I try to draw the image on the canvas but nothing happens. No errors in my browser console either.

(ns jump.core)


(defn screen
     (screen "screen"))
     (let [screen (.getElementById js/document elem-id)]
       {:context (.getContext screen "2d")
        :height (.-height screen)
        :width (.-width screen)})))

(defn draw-sprite
  [player screen]
  (let [ctx (:context screen)
        sprite (:image player)
        t (:top player)
        l (:left player)
        w (:width player)
        h (:height player)]
    (println ctx sprite l t w h 10 10 w h)
    (.drawImage ctx sprite l t w h 10 10 w h)))

(defn image
  (let [img (new js/Image)]
    (set! (.-src img) src)

(def player
  {:image (image "sprites/player.png")
   :top 94
   :left 167
   :height 35
   :width 37
   :facing :right
   :falling false
   :jumping false})

(set! (.-onload js/window)
        (println "Window loaded")
        (println "player" player)
        (println "screen" (screen))
        (draw-sprite player (screen))))

The full code is available in my github repo.

browser console output

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You may have to wait till onload fires in the image, it may be empty when you are painting it because it still hasn't come back from the server.

Quick and ugly solution:

(defn init []
  (println "Window loaded")
  (println "player" player)
  (println "screen" (screen))
  (draw-sprite player (screen)))

(set! (.-onload js/window)
      #(set! (.-onload (:image player))

If this was the problem you are probably going to need some code to manage loading resources!


Also, I've noticed that you are assigning to the window.onload the result of the do expression. You probably wanted to assign an anonymous function:

(set! (.-onload js/window)
        (println "Window loaded")
        (println "player" player)
        (println "screen" (screen))
        (draw-sprite player (screen))))
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Thanks, I took this apart today and wrote out the JS version to get it working, before scratching my head with the CLJS some more. I did end up using img.onload = func() {}; in the JS version. I'll try out your suggestions tomorrow. – Greg K May 20 '14 at 23:00
I've not forgotten about this, just not got round to implementing it yet. – Greg K May 29 '14 at 23:33

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