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I'm building search (ajax-based) functionality and pagination module and everything works fine. But i have problem with sharing search urls. Basically search form is on the home page and when user hit search button most of the content is removed ($('...').remove()) and ajax results are apended. So no mather of search query and page i always have "localhost:9000" url. Only solution that i have in mind is to keep internally in pagination module query and actual page number and to modify document.location.hash and to do something like:

document.location.hash = "/search?q=" + this.config.q + "&page=" + offset; 

So one user can send to another link for example:


So is this a good aproach to this problem?

Here is bare minimum logic of paginator module(10 results per page)

var Paginator = {
    defaults: {
        activeElement: 0
    init: function(options) {
        this.config = $.extend(this.defaults, options);

    createHtml: function() {
        // Append bootstrap pagination numbers...
    bindUiActions: function() {
    paginate: function() {
        this.config.ajaxObject.data.start = this.config.activeElement*10;

        $.ajax(this.config.ajaxObject).done($.proxy(this.createHtml, this));
    setHash: function(offset) {
        document.location.hash = "/search?q=" + this.config.q + "&page=" + offset;

Another option is pushstate but is not supported by IE 8 & 9

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