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I am using JSP Servlets and have made a MySQL connection. I have a value in seconds, which is basically the value of validity of a token.

I now want to convert this value and insert in Datetime format in MySQL.

So, bascially it should be something like

Datetime( Current Time + expiry_value_in_seconds )

How can I do this?

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What do you mean by convert this value to Datetime format in MySQL. Do you want to do it in query or JAVA code? –  Braj May 19 at 23:55

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FoggyDay already answered how you can do it in Java, so I'll answer how to do it in MySQL specific SQL itself:

ADDDATE(current_timestamp, INTERVAL 10 second)
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Thanks for the reply –  user3392740 May 20 at 0:38

If you want to do it on the Java side, I'd use Calendar:

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); 
calendar.add(Calendar.SECOND, expiry_value_in_seconds);

Here is a great tutorial:

Lars Vogel: Java Date, Calendar and Time APIs

Otherwise, I'd use mySql DATE_ADD():

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