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I want to check the last time stats was run on my Oracle 10g server. I would normally do this via OEM, but for unrelated reasons OEM is down. Is there some way I can check this using just sqlplus? It would be extra helpful if the output was reasonably formatted.

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All of the following data dictionary tables have a LAST_ANALYZED column (replace * with USER/ALL/DBA as appropriate:


(There's lots more in the histograms fields, but I'm not going that deep.)

Conversely, ALL_TAB_MODIFICATIONS shows rows inserted/updated/deleted (or the timestamp on which a table/partition/subpartition was truncated) since it had optimizer statistics gathered.

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In my setup stats was only running for one user so this worked very well. SQL I used (logged in as that user) was: SELECT TO_CHAR(last_analyzed, 'yyyy/mm/dd hh:mi:ss am') as last_analyzed FROM user_tables where table_name = <table_in_my_schema> – Jacob Mar 3 '10 at 23:22

You may have to tweak the date format depending on your SQLPLUS/NLS Settings.

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