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I have a response object that I want to return:

Response myResponse;


But I want to populate a response field with an XPath value against the output from step2 that would normally be done with:


I came up with the solution as below, hardcoding the unmarshalled XML and then marshalling back to the Response object, but I feel like there is a more elegant way:

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Use the StringTemplate component. Make a template placed in the classpath that has the final XML with i.e.<Response><ReturnValue>${body}</ReturnValue></Response>

and invoke the string-template component that shall replace token ${body} with current message contained in exchange body. The route will then become

from("").to("").setBody(xpath(<my-xpath>).stringResult()) .to("string-template:MyResponse.tm") convertBodyTo(Response.class);

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Set the file to: <Response xmlns="inbound.smix.tapestry.cgi.com"><ReturnCode>OK</…{property.orderID}</CustomerOrderID></Response> but getting: 1:10: 'xmlns' came as a complete surprise to me –  Ya. May 29 at 15:02

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