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When I attempt to generate an endpoint client library in Eclipse (GPE 3.5.1, GAE SDK 1.9.4) I get this error: "Not an App Engine project". The project is an App Engine project (and is deployed). The project is configured as an EAR project with backend and frontend modules. I don't get any errors in the Error Log.

GAE SDK 1.9.3 gives me the same error. I've also tried the command line but simply get 'Error'.

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If you created your your cloud-endpoints projects using WTP, then Right click on the "cloud-endpoints" project => "Google App Engine WTP" => "Generate Cloud Endpoint Client Library"

You get the error if you right click on the "cloud-endpoints" project => "Google" => "Generate Cloud Endpoint Client Library".

If you do not see the "Google App Engine WTP" menu item, ensure you are using the Java EE perspective.

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You need create firts app engine project, then in that prject generate the library for you cliens.

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