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I recently switched to using IDEA from Eclipse on a fairly large and complex Tapestry application. The project includes a base module that I'm developing and that also acts as a dependency for a multitude of other projects.

Components from the main module (ie. the one that uses the base module) show up fine in templates, can be navigated to etc. Components from the base module produce a "Cannot resolve symbol 't:ComponentName'" error within IDEA. The app itself works fine.

Components in the base module show up fine as well.

To provide a bit more clarity, here's a more visual explanation:

-base module
-main module

component2 references both component1 and basecomponent. In the .tml file of component2, I can navigate to component1, see if it's parameters are correct etc. basecomponent shows up red and produces the aforementioned error.

The components themselves are in their proper packages. What am I missing here?

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I've only always had the problem that components from modules other than the main module would not auto-reload in IDEA, but they were always available. Hm. –  Henning May 20 at 13:33

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