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I'm writing a simple Python program using only requests module.

s = requests.Session()
#if a user is already logged in, then execute next statement
r = s.get(url)  #or r = s.get(url,data=data) In general
#ask user to provide valid login credentials and use s.post(url,data=data,headers=headers)
#and update session

so my question is how can I check If a provided user credentials are of user's which is already logged in?

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can you expand a little on what #and update session means. What code are you running there? The way that you log a user in has a bearing on how you check that a user is logged in. –  nettux443 May 20 at 10:34

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You have access to s.cookies which should contain all of your session values. To check if a user is logged in you just need to check a session value using something like

if 'userid' in s.cookies:
    r = s.get(url, data=data)

Which would be set when the user logs in. (roughly equivalent to PHP's: isset($_SESSION['userid']))

Note I say 'userid' but what I really mean is the key that corresponds to any session value that is only set upon user login which could be 'user', 'username', 'id' etc...

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