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I am using a custom logger in my engine's initializers folder. Code looks like this:

@@duration_logger ||= Logger.new("#{Rails.root}/log/duration_logger.log")

ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe "game.players" do |name, start, finish, id, data|
  @@duration_logger.info("Request: #{data}")

When i do the request, first logging is fine, but the second request is logged 2 times, third request is logged 3-4 times. And following requests are logged multiple times. What is going on? Am i doing something wrong?

I am calling to the subscriber from my controller action

ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument("game.players", :data => @result)
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put a puts "here" inside the subscribe block - it smells like you subscribe over and over again... –  Uri Agassi May 20 at 12:15

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It looks like it was the rails bug in 4.0. It recreates the Subscriber object every time a request comes.

Here is the issue I created:

Github issue

Here is the pull request that is merged

Pull request

Updating to the latest version fixed the problem.

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