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I want to know if it's possible to register a type library without using the RegAsm tool. Here is my situation, which will hopefully explain why I want to do this:

I'm developing an assembly in .NET that will provide some modern functionality for our older VB6 applications. I have successfully registered the assembly and the type library on my development machine using RegAsm like so:

regasm.exe MyAssembly.dll /tlb /codebase

The above command generates the type library (MyAssembly.tlb) and registers it as well as registering the assembly. I need the type library registered so that I can have Intellisense in VB6.

My problem with this method is that I don't have the same level of control when generating the type library file as I do with TlbExp.exe. In particular, I need to use TlbExp's /names flag to specify the proper case of my property names (RegAsm butchers them). So if I use TlbExp to generate my tlb file, is there any way that I can register it separately from the assembly registration process?

Edit: da_m_n's answer is correct for the question I asked. However, I was under the faulty assumption that just because RegAsm could register a type library that it was necessary to register the tlb in order reference it in VB6. So for now I'm registering the assembly and referencing the unregistered, TlbExp-generated tlb with the fixed names.

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Actually, I think I might be mistaken in the assumption that I must register the tlb file in order to reference it in VB6. Perhaps this question is for nothing. I'll look into it tomorrow. –  Kyle Gagnet Mar 3 '10 at 23:05
And now I can't find regtlib.exe on my computer. I can find regtlibv12.exe but no documentation at all. Looks to me like MS is no longer keen on .NET anymore. –  Agnel Kurian Jan 6 '12 at 6:46

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Use regtlib.exe to register the tlbexp generated tlb file.

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