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I'm trying to change the look of the Kanban Board in TFS 2013 by adding the WorkItem ID to tasks, bugs and PBI's.

To be more precise: I would like to add the WI# before the title of each item in the swimminglanes.

I'm trying to do this with witadmin but can't seem to find the correct files.

Any help is appreciated.

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The correct answer should be updated as the scenario has changed with a new release of TFS Online. This is now possible to solve. – Martin Noreke Jun 28 '15 at 16:29
The correct anwser still exists as the question is about TFS 2013 which still does not support this. – MightyMouseTheSecond Jul 7 '15 at 10:22
Ah, your are correct. Hopefully you get an update for TFS on-prem that supports this soon. – Martin Noreke Jul 7 '15 at 13:29
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This isn't something that you can currently customize through the process template (witadmin). Sorry.

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Note that this is currently an option in TFS 2015. – Greg Bair Nov 3 '15 at 12:47

This feature is now available on TFS Online.

To show WorkItem Id's on BLI's & Bugs, you have update the settings on the board.

  1. Click on the Settings wheel on the top right corner of the board. enter image description here

  2. Select "Cards" in the drop down.

  3. In the "Customize Cards" page, select the "Show ID" checkbox as highlighted in the below image. enter image description here

  4. Click "Save" button. You board will refresh with new settings.

Note: The settings are separate for Bug & Product Backlog Item

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where I can find that "Settings Wheel"? – robsonrosa May 5 '15 at 21:55
See the image in below link. I have highlighted in yellow in the image.… – Sundeep May 7 '15 at 18:50
Sundeep is correct about being able to do this now in Visual Studio Online (June 2015) and it will be available in TFS 2015 (on-prem), but you still cannot do this in TFS 2013 as per the original question. – Dave White Jun 12 '15 at 15:45

The best answer I can provide at the moment is to point you towards Tiago Pascoal's Task Board Enhancer, which is a extension that can be installed on your TFS server to get some kanban board enhancements.

As Andrew mentioned, there is no other way to enhance work items on the kanban board currently.

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I understand your anwser but I'm don't want to add a blackbox plugin (which is said to use undocumented features of TFS) with to much functionality. Hopefully someone can explain how to just add the number. – MightyMouseTheSecond May 22 '14 at 12:46
Well, Pascoal is the best person who would know how to do it, and if he would not use undocumented features of TFS to do it if he didn't have to. I think you're only option is to put the WI# in the title because there is no documented way to add this to TFS otherwise. – Dave White May 26 '14 at 17:58

Take a look at this solution of using a "bookmarklet" to just show the ID on the boards without having to make any changes on the server

The one I use is from that site:

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I just tried using the bookmarklet, but it doesn't put the correct number in the card. I'm actually not sure where it's coming from - for example, a user story with ID 8652 shows "51" on the card; "14550" shows "56". I tried changing a few of the values in the bookmarklet, but strangely, nothing has any effect - the behavior doesn't change at all, which is weird, considering I changed (5,999) to (1,1) just to see what it would do, and it didn't do anything. Or I changed witTitle to witID, also with no effect. Anyone else have and or solve this issue? – Max Cascone Jun 23 '15 at 20:10

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