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I faced a problem while using threading for the first time, In an SWT program in the main thread I have created the GUI and opened the shell, and then a new thread is started to run some logic in the model, and in the model at a certain state there is a method is called in the GUI class... and here it is the problem this method is called in the 2nd thread while I want it to be called in the main thread or at least execute it in the main thread

How can I solve this problem? Thanks,

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External threads can't access GUI. Check display.asyncExec.

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You need to use the asyncExec or syncExec methods in the Display class in order to execute a runnable in the main thread:

// do stuff in a background thread

// ...then schedule job to run in main thread
display.asyncExec(new Runnable() {

Both syncExec and asyncExec will schedule a job in the main (UI) thread as soon as possible. The difference is that asyncExec returns immediately, while syncExec will not return until the job has completed.

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