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I have a multi file template in resharper and I can use $NAME$ macro to get the name of the original file to use to name the other files in the template. But I also want to use the $NAME$ of the original file in the content of the other file template.

Is this possible? I can't see a macro which seems suitable for the internal variables as onlt the Current File Name seems available.

Anyone know if this is possible or how I might workaround this?

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As a workaround, you may create a parameter $FILENAME$ (macro "Current file name without extension") in the first file e.g. in the comments, like:

class Foo

Then you may call this parameter in other files of the multifile template - this parameter will contain the name of the first file since the first file will be generated before other ones.

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Thanks. This is what we gave done although not in the comments. This is a good idea and I'll change or implementation to do this. Cheers. –  Sam Holder May 20 at 18:25

Unfortunately, there isn't a macro that will give you this. I've added a feature request that you can vote on and track (and more specific detail as to what your requirements are would be useful) - http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-415055

It is possible to write your own macros as part of a plugin, but there isn't a sure-fire way of getting the name of the first document in the created file set. The IHotspotSessionContext instance that is passed to the macro via IHotspotSession.Context property includes an enumerable of IDocument, from which you can get IDocument.Moniker, which will be the full path for file based documents. However, there's no guarantee of the order of the enumerable - it's backed by a hashset. You might be able to rely on implementation details (small set, no removes) to be able to use the first document as the original, but there is really no guarantee of this.

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Thanks Matt! That's awesome. I'll update the feature request tomorrow with my example. –  Sam Holder May 20 at 18:26

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