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In one of my application I have to use Bar code scanning functionality. For the same I'm using zxing library. As my application is in landscape mode, I'm transforming the camera view in 90 degree just to show the camera in right direction without it camera open in portrait mode.

Now when I try to scan some bar code in Landscape mode it will not scan anything. But if same bar code I try to scan in Portrait mode then it will work fine. But I want same functionality to be work in landscape mode.

Below is the code which I'm using for transforming camera view


Along with this zxing I got one sample app Bar code scanner which is portrait mode but it can scan the bar code if I try to scan it in Landscape mode.

So any one has any idea when bar code scanning is not working in landscape mode in my application.

The only difference between sample and my app is I want camera in landscape mode and scanning should work in Landscape mode.

Thanks in Advance!!

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Don't use ZXing for barcode scanning. Since iOS7, there's built-in barcode scanning with AVCaptureMetadataOutputObjects. I've not used ZXing, but I was using ZBarSDK before, and AVCaptureMetadataOutputObjects works so much better... and it's direct from Apple, so for as long as they support it, it will always work perfectly with the current version of iOS. –  nhgrif May 20 at 11:38
If possible can u share any link for sample app of AVCaptureMetadataOutputObjects –  svrushal May 20 at 11:40
It's pretty simple to use, but I wrote a wrapper for it that can make it even easier to use: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/42252/… github.com/nhgrif/NHGScanner –  nhgrif May 20 at 11:41
Does it work for iOS below 7. My app support for iOS >=5.1. Also it work in landscape mode?? –  svrushal May 20 at 11:48
I ran this NHGScanner But it only shows white screen in iPad –  svrushal May 20 at 11:51

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