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I'm currently using this implementation to use Browsers based Notifications :

This works like a charm.

if ("Notification" in window) {
        if(Notification.permission === "granted") {
            if($('#notify-on-message').is(':checked')) {
                var notification = new Notification(username + ' : ' + data, {'icon': "/custom/favicon.gif"});
            if ($('#notify-on-hl').is(':checked')) {
                var patt = new RegExp("(^|\\W)"+selfusername+"(\\W|$)");
                if(patt.test(data)) {
                    var notification = new Notification(username + ' highlighted you.', {'icon': "/custom/favicon.gif"});

The main issue I have is that on chrome based browsers, the notification just doesn't close itself after the 3 seconds delay.
It tried adding this after the var notification = ...

setTimeout(function() {
}, 2000);

Though that doesn't change a single thing. The notification remains.
Is it a known issue ? Is there an easy way to fix this behaviour I don't want ?

EDIT 1: According to this page :
This is a known issue :

Note: Firefox and Safari close the notifications automatically after a few moments, e.g. 4 seconds.

This can also be done at the web application level using the Notification.close() method, for example with the following code:

var n = new Notification("Hi!");
n.onshow = function () { 
    setTimeout(n.close, 5000); 

Though that code doesn't work. There is an error in the console that says that the notification doesn't have the close method or something like that.

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Well actually I was wrong, the code

var message_notification = new Notification("Data");
}, 3000); 

Works in both Firefox and Chrome. (And Safari too I guess)

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Still curious why the advertised way (.onshow) doesn't work. –  Michel de Ruiter Oct 31 '14 at 11:34
Maybe the documentation wasn't up to date or I was using a different version. Can't remember actually ^^" –  Depado Nov 3 '14 at 9:58

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