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If user enters his text in the text box and saves it and again what's to add some more text he can edit that text and save it if required.

Firstly if user enters that text with some links I, detected them and converted any hyperlinks to linkify in new tab. Secondly if user wants to add some more text and links he clicks on edit and add them and save it at this time I must ignore the links that already hyperlinked with anchor button

Please help and advice

For example:

what = "<span>In the task system, is there a way to automatically have any site / page URL or image URL be hyperlinked in a new window?</span><br><br><span>So If I type or copy http://www.stackoverflow.com/&nbsp; for example anywhere in the description, in any of the internal messages or messages to clients, it automatically is a hyperlink in a new window.</span><br><a href="http://www.stackoverflow.com/">http://www.stackoverflow.com/</a><br>    <br><span>Or if I input an image URL anywhere in support description, internal messages or messages to cleints, it automatically is a hyperlink in a new window:</span><br> <span>https://static.doubleclick.net/viewad/4327673/1-728x90.jpg</span><br><br><a href="https://static.doubleclick.net/viewad/4327673/1-728x90.jpg">https://static.doubleclick.net/viewad/4327673/1-728x90.jpg</a><br><br><br><span>This would save us a lot time in task building, reviewing and creating messages.</span>

Test URL's
        <a href='http://stackoverflow.com/'>http://stackoverflow.com/</a>";

I've tried this code

function Linkify(what) {
    str = what; out = ""; url = ""; i = 0;
    do {
        url = str.match(/((https?:\/\/)?([a-z\-]+\.)*[\-\w]+(\.[a-z]{2,4})+(\/[\w\_\-\?\=\&\.]*)*(?![a-z]))/i);
        if(url!=null) {
            // get href value
            href = url[0];
            if(href.substr(0,7)!="http://") href = "http://"+href;

            // where the match occured
            where = str.indexOf(url[0]);

            // add it to the output
            out += str.substr(0,where);

            // link it
            out += '<a href="'+href+'" target="_blank">'+url[0]+'</a>';

            // prepare str for next round
            str = str.substr((where+url[0].length));
        } else {
            out += str;
            str = "";
    } while(str.length>0);
    return out;

Please help Thanks.

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Can you provide a js fiddle? –  SSS May 20 at 12:06
why don't you just use str.replace(/yourRegExp/, '') ? –  Dwza May 20 at 12:11
@Dwza replace / match doesn't matter how can i ignore the links that already hyperlinked with anchor button –  dhee May 21 at 4:34
Here is my another question and got answer –  dhee Jun 20 at 6:29

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A more simple solution is probably to strip the links which you created (so the user gets exactly what they typed when they click "Edit" again).

Another idea is to split the string at </a>. That gives you a list of strings which all end with an anchor element (except the last one). Iterate over this list, cut away the part after the last <a, linkify.

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thanks for your simple advice i'm working on it :) –  dhee May 21 at 10:38

here is a regex where you select all the links without having anchors


Here is a RegExFiddle (updated 14:41)

quit a lil difficult task because in javascript you don't have a preceded by statement. :)

EDIT1: Now it detects...



Here is it a little shorted and the usage fiddle




function Linkify(str) {
    var newStr =  str.replace(/((http(s)?(\:\/\/))?(www\.)?(\w)*(\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}\/?))(?!([\/a-z<\/a>])|(\'|\"))/g,'<a href="$1">$1</a>');
    return newStr;

var newData = Linkify(data);


EDIT 1.000.000 :D


this solves your problem now.

the only problem you will run in here is, 4 letters after a dot is not selected. e.g .info if you want them selected than change {2,3} to {2,4} BUT be carefully... if someone adds a text like my name is.john than is.john will be translated to a link.

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did you test the given regx ? –  dhee May 22 at 11:14
why is it not detecting urls like http://www.stackoverflow.com/ –  dhee May 22 at 11:23
can you please help me to get for url's like http://www.stackoverflow.com/ –  dhee May 22 at 11:29
@dhee sorry, im at work :) updated the regex, now it also detects www. –  Dwza May 22 at 12:21
thank you so much –  dhee May 22 at 19:12

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