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I have two arrays:


I need to sort $number array from high to low, which I am doing using rsort. I want to sort $cars based on sorted index value of $numbers and echo it. Like:

$number=array(2310,1212,670,340,90); //sorted values
$cars=array("Toyota","Volvo","Maruti","BMW","Zen") //then display these values

I guess I need to use $order as mentioned in this answer Sort an array based on another array? but I am still not able to figure out. I don't want to combine the 2 arrays. I want to sort an array based n index value of other array.

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First merge the arrays so that first array becomes the key and second array becomes respective values for the new array, then sort them based on keys –  hjpotter92 May 20 at 12:25
There is no direct correlation between those two arrays, and therefore there is no way for you to establish a relationship between the two arrays unless you start using indices. Basically what @hjpotter92 said. –  Ohgodwhy May 20 at 12:25

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A simple multisort should to it:


array_multisort($number, SORT_DESC, SORT_NUMERIC, $cars);


Output exactly as you want it:

array(5) {
  string(6) "Toyota"
  string(5) "Volvo"
  string(6) "Maruti"
  string(3) "BMW"
  string(3) "Zen"
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I just want "Toyota" <br>, "Volvo" and so on... –  user2567857 May 20 at 12:32
You can output it any way you want. You asked about sorting, that's what multisort is for. echo implode('<br />', $cars); will echo it. –  Gerald Schneider May 20 at 12:33
Yes, I know. I just told you what I wanted. :P I can do it on my own –  user2567857 May 20 at 12:34

You need array_combine...

Here's an example:

    $newarray = array_combine($number, $cars);


results in:

Array ( [1212] => Volvo [340] => BMW [2310] => Toyota [670] => Maruti [90] => Zen ) 


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Use a multidimensional array and then Sort it:

foreach ($cars as $key => $val) {
echo "$key = $val\n";
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