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I have a tumblr blog whit infine scrolling and magnific-popup to visualize the image.

When I scroll to the bottom and load new posts, magnific-popup doesn't works in the new posts loaded but only in the old.

If I try to go to "page-2" manually everything works.

Is there a way to reload magnific-popup on load posts or something similar?

Many thanks

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All you need to do is call the .magnificPopup method on the new elements when infinitescroll is loaded, this way:

    navSelector:  ".Pagination",
    nextSelector: ".Pagination-next",
    itemSelector: ".Post"
}, function( newElements ) {
    $(newElements).magnificPopup({/*your options here*/});
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My popup now appears but says 'Loading' and then fails, it won't display the image... any wonder how why? –  user3479267 Dec 12 '14 at 21:18

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