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I have info on my page according to a selected category. One of those things, is a data table containing products for that category. Of course, categories have a hierarchy... Now I have a command button that selects the previous category from the current one, and then it updates the info. My problem is that particularly the data table is refreshed before changing the selected category to it's parent one. Here's my code...

Here's my command button

<p:commandButton id="previouscat" value="Go to #{catBean.getPreviousCategory().name}" 
     style="margin:0px;"   icon="ui-icon-back" 
     actionListener="#{catBean.setPreviousCategory}" /> 

Heres the get previous method

public void setPreviousCategory() {
        category = category.getParent();

Here's my method to populate the Data Table (This is excecuted before setPreviousCat)

public ArrayList<Product> getProducts(Category cat){
    ArrayList<Product> prods = new <Product> ArrayList();
    for(Product p: products.getProductList()){
        for(Category c: p.getCategories()){
            if(c.getSeqnumber() == cat.getSeqnumber()){
    return prods;

Any ideas why this happens? is this the right order things should be executed?

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