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I have this code:

msgs = int(post['time_in_weeks'])
for i in range(msgs):
    tip_msg = Tip.objects.get(week_number=i)

it always results in an error saying that no values could be found.

week_number is an integer field. When I input the value of i directly, the query works.

When i print out the value of i I get the expected values.

Any input at all would be seriously appreciated.


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This doesn't work either: tip_msg = Tip.objects.filter(category=2).order_by("week_number")[i] Its as if Django treats i as a non integer even when i use int(i) this still fails. – user170302 Mar 4 '10 at 1:31

The range function will give you a zero based list of numbers up to and excluding msgs. I guess there is no Tip with week_number=0.

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There is a Tip with week_number=0. – user170302 Mar 4 '10 at 1:25
Even when I use i+1 instead of i still have the same problem. Ultimately trying to get just a distinct value for tip_msg. This all runs on GAE via django non_rel: bitbucket.org/wkornewald/django-nonrel/wiki/Home All other queries still work. – user170302 Mar 4 '10 at 1:29

Also, to limit the number of queries you could do this:

for tip in Tip.objects.filter(week_number__lt=msgs):
    #do something

or, if you want specific weeks:

for tip in Tip.objects.filter(week_number__in=weeks):
    #do something
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Thanks for this! Its a much better way I hadn't even thought of. – user170302 Mar 5 '10 at 11:06

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