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I have an array named 'a' with the numbers 1 to 10,000 in it. I would like jump through the list in 2s, which I have managed successfully. However, I want the program to remove every second number, like the number '2' for example, which would be assigned to 'x'. I have tried functions such as .pop() but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Please can someone help. Am i just using the function wrong?

for x in range(0,9999,2):
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Why not just create a list of the values you do want. It is a lot more efficient:

a = range(1,10000)

a = a[1::2]     #will contain all the even numbers

By the way, the reason your code is not working is because you are (in a sense) modifying your list while iterating through it. You should avoid it thoroughly unless you are absolutely sure that that is what you want.

The syntax above uses the list[start:end:step] syntax. Therefore, [1::2] will get every second element of the list starting at the second element. Similarly, [::2] will get every second element of the list starting at the default 1st element since no start index was specified.

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Im new to python could you explain what the '::' means? –  George George Carmichael May 20 at 14:34
he is not really modifying his list while iterating over it :) –  Samy Arous May 20 at 14:34
@GeorgeGeorgeCarmichael, Answer updated. Hope it helps –  sshashank124 May 20 at 14:36
range(1, 10000, 2) will create a list with odd numbers. –  dansalmo May 20 at 14:41
He is not even "in a sense" modifying a list while iterating through it. He is not understanding what .pop() does. –  dansalmo May 20 at 14:59
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Using list comprehension

a = [i for i in range(10000) if not i%2]
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