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I upgraded org-mode from the 7.8.11 to 8.2.6 (My emacs version is 24.2.1) and find myself unable to htmlize the *Org Agenda* buffer.

For example, it fails if I run the following Sexp in Lisp Interacton Mode.

  (org-agenda "" "n")

I gives an error message,

Invalid face reference: nil

And displays a very long *Backtrace* buffer that begins like this.

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument listp org-priority)
  mapcar(htmlize-decode-face-prop (nil . org-priority))
  (apply (function nconc) (mapcar (function htmlize-decode-face-prop) prop))
  (cond ((null prop) nil) ((symbolp prop) (and (facep prop) (list prop))) ((stringp prop) (and (facep (intern-soft prop)) (list prop))) ((atom prop) nil) ((and (symbolp (car prop)) (eq 58 (aref (symbol-name (car prop)) 0))) (list prop)) ((or (eq (car prop) (quote foreground-color)) (eq (car prop) (quote background-color))) (list prop)) (t (apply (function nconc) (mapcar (function htmlize-decode-face-prop) prop))))
  htmlize-decode-face-prop((nil . org-priority))
  (nunion (htmlize-decode-face-prop face-prop) faces :test (quote equal))
  (setq faces (nunion (htmlize-decode-face-prop face-prop) faces :test (quote equal)))

I have deleted all of the .elc files that might be related to org-mode, so I am confident that it's not a hangover from the last version.

Does anybody know how to fix this? I could do it another way, but I would rather resolve the problem.


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