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How to append special characters in html tags?

        tool_tip_str = '!#$%^&&*()<>\'\"';
        var html = '<div title="' + tool_tip_str + '"> text is here </div>';

This code is producing the result

<div "="" title="!#$%^&amp;&amp;*()&lt;&gt;'"> text is here </div>

But it should produce the

<div title="!#$%^&&*()<>\'\""> text is here </div>

why odd characters


are appending in result? Is there any way to show the single quotes or double quotes with out black slashes ?

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Works fine here: jsfiddle.net/CAsF2 –  BeatAlex May 20 at 14:53
no, not working fine. :) would you please inspect the source and see? –  Suleman May 20 at 14:54
and double quote is also not showing in title –  Suleman May 20 at 14:54
Fixed for quote jsfiddle.net/CAsF2/1 –  BeatAlex May 20 at 14:55

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I got this result:

Image of source

Image of outcome

using this:

tool_tip_str = '!#$%^&&*()<>\'&quot;';

If you want to change all special characters to HTML entities, then you could write a function like:

function change(mystring)
  return mystring.replace(/&/g, "&amp;").replace(/>/g, "&gt;").replace(/</g, "&lt;").replace(/"/g, "&quot;");

and then do:

tool_tip_str = change(tool_tip_str);

But obviously, you'd have to change everything in change() to get it exactly how you wanted.

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great - would you please specify the function in js that converts the double quotes in "&quot;" format? –  Suleman May 20 at 14:59
It isn't a function. &quot; is HTML. It's Special Character @Suleman, so should work without any modification to your javascript. –  BeatAlex May 20 at 15:00
I mean, Is their any function in javascript that converts the quotes into special characters ? –  Suleman May 20 at 15:02
Updated answer @Suleman –  BeatAlex May 20 at 15:06
         tool_tip_str = '!#$%^&&*()<>\'\"';
         tool_tip_str = tool_tip_str.replace('"','&quot;');
         var html = '<div title="' + tool_tip_str + '"> text is here </div>';

Might need to convert the " into an html entity prior to outputting.

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Doesn't work for me. –  BeatAlex May 20 at 14:56
Tweaked it a little so that it performs a replace on the " to make it &quot; –  PeteAUK May 20 at 14:59
Why didn't you just change " to &quot;? :P –  BeatAlex May 20 at 15:01
I took the assumption that this was test code and eventually would get converted into a function that took a title as a parameter. In fairness if not then you're right that it's just easier to type it in :p –  PeteAUK May 20 at 15:04

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