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I am using jQuery slimbox with it's API.

Here is my JavaScript that gets image paths via JSON, and then launches the slimbox via it's API.

$('#main-container').append('<span id="check-our-adverts">Check our Adverts</span>');

    var advertImages = [];
    $.getJSON( config.basePath + 'get-adverts/', function(images) {
       advertImages = images;

    $('#check-our-adverts').click(function() {
        $.slimbox(advertImages, 0);    

The JSON is returning ["\/~wwwlime\/assets\/images\/adverts\/advert.jpg","\/~wwwlime\/assets\/images\/adverts\/advert2.jpg"].

The actual page is here. Click top red box next to the frog. If you have a console, check it for the JSON returned.

When I view the request using Live HTTP Headers, it seems slimbox is requesting and nothing else.

This is resulting in the slimbox being launched, and it's throbber spinning forever.

What could be causing this problem? Thanks


I added this inside the JSON callback

 $.each(images, function(i, image) {
        $('body').append('<a href="' + image + '">link</a>');

And clicking those links takes me directly to the image... what gives?

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I am not 100% familiar with slimbox but the api says that the method takes and array of arrays, so your return from JSON should, i believe, look more like


making you call to slimbox

$.slimbox( [["\/~wwwlime\/assets\/images\/adverts\/advert.jpg"],["\/~wwwlime\/assets\/images\/adverts\/advert2.jpg"]],0);

let me know if that helps?

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Oh dear, I should of RTFM better. Thanks Pharabus. – alex Mar 4 '10 at 2:29
@alex looks really nice too – Pharabus Mar 4 '10 at 2:34

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