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I'm trying to figure out a way to extract the last alpha+numeric sequence in a string made up of similar patterns. The sequence is an alpha+numeric pair: an alpha string (one or more letters) plus a numeric string (one or more numbers). For instance:

G98Y8RT9 -- I need to isolate "RT9"

H8L77 -- I need to isolate "L77"

D64RL19HT7899 -- I need to isolate "HT7899"

As shown above, there are a variable number of characters in each part of the pair and also in the number of pairs preceding the last one. I've tried Excel formulas using FIND, ISNUMBER, etc., but I couldn't figure out the logic to make it work for these variables.

Is there a formula that would help? Or is some kind of regex VBA function the way to go?

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If you just want the last three characters have you tried =RIGHT(A1,3), or is something like L7 possible? –  pnuts May 20 at 15:11
@pnuts - Yes, the problem is that L7 and HT7899 could also be the last alpha/numeric pair. –  Steve Douglas May 20 at 15:22
Could probably work this out using the InstrRev function in VBA... give me a minute... –  David Zemens May 20 at 15:23
@ashareef - Very sorry -- I had an extra G. It should have been L77. I have edited the post. That's what I get for making a last second edit. –  Steve Douglas May 20 at 15:23

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I think this should work, as a user-defined function you can place it in a standard module, and call it like:

=GetLastPair($A$1), etc.

Here is the function:

Function GetLastPair(str As String)
Dim numPart As Integer
Dim strPart As Integer

Do Until Not IsNumeric(Mid(str, Len(str) - numPart, 1))
    numPart = numPart + 1

Do Until IsNumeric(Mid(str, Len(str) - numPart - strPart, 1))
    strPart = strPart + 1

GetLastPair = Right(str, numPart + strPart)

End Function


enter image description here

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A bit long formula, but seems to work:

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