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I started using Lightbox in my website and I turned to Bumpbox because I had to display some PDF's as well (something Lightbox does not offer).

Right now, I am also displaying sets of images with Bumpbox 2.0.1, but it seems I need to set a transition type for them.

This means once I clicked on the first image, if I click on the arrow to display the next image, the same transition takes place.

I wanted to have no transition from one image to the other, just as Lightbox does (I was using Lightbox 2.7.1). Therefore, I tried using both at the same time, but I got some conflicts/incompatibilities concerning the javascript version.

It seems this version of Bumpbox is using jquery 1.9.1, and Lightbox is using jquery 1.11.0. So when I try using Bumbox with jquery1.11.0, it is not working, and the other way around.

Is there a way of changing Bumpbox transition so its like Lightbox? (probably there is, but I am not really familiar with jquery) If not is there a jquery version where both will will work?

Thank you very much.

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You should probably contact the makes of Bumpbox and ask them for the transitions that you want and an update so that there will be no conflict with the jQuery version. –  Jay Blanchard May 20 at 15:19

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