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this is my code that allows me to log in, now i need something to make them logout

   Response.Write("all logged out");

but am getting the error "got a problem ....."

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Why did you delete most of your question? This is not helpful to others who will be searching for a similar question later on. –  catfood May 20 at 17:48

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You do not need to do anything to "log out" of these websites. You are not "logged in" in any meaningful sense. The WebClient.DownloadString method simply pulls the contents of a URL without making you "logged in."


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i am logged in from other code from the site, but as this is the root site, how can i log out of all 3 –  al123 May 20 at 16:13
That question is impossible to answer with so little information. –  catfood May 20 at 17:49

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