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I'm pretty new to Haskell and I need to write a little game, where 2 players delete a certain amount of stars turn by turn from a pyramide of stars. And the one who deletes the last star loses the game.


The problem with my code is probably that I'm pretty bad at type definitions.

import Data.Char

getMove :: [Int] -> Int -> (IO() -> Char) -> (Char -> Int) -> Int
getMove bs c = do
    n <- getChar
    if (isDigit n) then do
        temp <- (digitToInt n) 
        if (((c<0) && (temp =< 5) && (temp > 0))|| (bs!!c >= temp)) then do
            return temp
        else do
            putStrLn "Ung├╝ltige Eingabe"
            getMove bs c
    else do
        putStrLn "Ung├╝ltige Eingabe"
        getMove bs c

drawBoard :: [Int] -> Int -> String -> IO String
drawBoard bs l = do
    putStrLn (show ((l + 1)++":" ++ (concat $ replicate (bs!!l) (" *") )))
    if l < 3 then do
        drawBoard bs (l + 1)
    else do
        putStrLn "\n"

mainloop :: [Int] -> Int -> (IO() -> Int)-> IO String
mainloop bs pl = do
    line <- (getMove bs (-1))-1
    number <- getMove bs line
    b1s <- take line bs ++ [ (bs!!line - number) ] ++ drop (line + 1) bs
    drawBoard b1s 0
    if foldl (+) 0 b1s /= 0 then do
        mainloop b1s ((pl `mod` 2) + 1)
    else do
        putStrLn ("#Spieler "++ show(pl -1)++"hat gewonnen!")

main :: IO()
main = do
    board <- [5,4,3,2,1]
    mainloop board 1

When I start this code in ghci I'm getting "couldn't match type" Exceptions mostly at the lines I define the type. Can someone tell me what's wrong.

I hope my explanation isn't too confusing, because english isn't my first language and this is my first Question on Stack Overflow.

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I can not find any type definitions in your code. You should post the actual error(s), pointing at the relevant line(s). – chi May 20 '14 at 16:52
Right off the bat, the type IO() -> Char looks extremely suspicious. Such a type is inhabited only by functions of the form const c and of the form flip seq c. These are never interesting. – dfeuer May 20 '14 at 16:59
Here's my first suggestion: delete all your type declarations (all of them are wrong except for main). See if your code compiles; if it does not, see what errors you get. If it does, use :type drawBoard, :type mainloop, etc. in ghci to see what types it inferred. – dfeuer May 20 '14 at 17:04
I thought the part where I define what kind of arguments a function is working with is called "type definitions". – user3653965 May 20 '14 at 17:06
@user3653965, those are actually called "type signatures". – dfeuer May 20 '14 at 17:07

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