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I've been using Visual Studio 2013 for several months now, and this morning I suddenly started running into a problem where I am unable to edit any of the code files. When I try to type to add or change code, or try to delete code from a file, or try to copy and paste code into a file nothing happens at all. All I am able to do (as far as I can tell) is move the cursor around in the file. Does anyone know what may be causing an issue like this?

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Restart VS. Does it fix the issue? If yes, it's a bug with an easy workaround, just deal with it. In my experience once bugs start showing up in VS, often the only sure way back to a reliable environment is a reinstall. But I'd try removing all of your add-ins first. –  Okuma.Scott Jun 18 at 14:12

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I recently had this with VS 2013.3 and in one branch of a TFS workspace. I could only enter code via intellisense, no paste or typing, although I could edit SpecFlow feature files. I created a new TFS workspace in the end and that solved it.

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