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I pulled the latest sylius code yesterday/a couple days ago (the whole standard bundle) to get fixes. I'm getting the error I put as the title of this question. I looked at the finite.yml file in the SyliusOrderBundle to make sure it was exactly the same as the finite.yml on github. Since I pulled everything, I should've also pulled whatever was necessary to make this change of setting callbacks in the config work. I've been googling but haven't found anyone else who observed this problem. I tried undoing whatever I thought would've affected this (e.g. uncommented my override of the order repository)and did another composer.phar update so that I had the latest of all the other bundles, but nothing's worked so far. Does anyone have any insight to this problem?

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Turns out my composer.json wasn't properly merged with Sylius's updated one. After doing a correct merge, I was able to continue working out the kinks in my app.

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