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I have a controller file named univ_profile.rb which I tried to include in routes.rb like so:

resources :univ_profiles

However I get an error:

No route matches [GET] "/univ_profile/index" 

when I try to access it. I have an index method in my controller and also a view file named index under app/views/user_profile/.

Can anybody suggest where I am doing it wrong?

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Controllers in Rails are named like <a plural word>_controller.rb. So perhaps univ_profiles_controller.rb for your case (although spelling it out as univeristy_profiles_controller.rb or thinking of a different name may be better -- up to you). After you do this and update your controller class name and view folder name to match then the routes should start to connect up.

Also, you can use bundle exec rake routes to see what routes are defined, what their names are, and what controllers and actions they point to.

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  • Your controller should be named univ_profiles_controller.rb
  • The url would be /univ_profiles which would yield the index method.
  • Your view should be in app/views/univ_profiles/index.html.erb
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