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I am using Phonegap Build to convert my existing web app code to a native app for iOS. The existing web app works perfectly.

I am using FlexPaper Zine for a pdf reader and currently have a button link in the toolbar for users to click (or tap) to e-mail themselves a link to where they can download the pdf they are reading. I am using a Javascript function to open the e-mail client. In my toolbar uses this line of code:

<element type="button" id="bttnEmail" icon_height="39" icon_width="39" onclick="mailPDF()"/>

I place this function directly in the index.html file:

function mailPDF() {
window.location = "mailto:?body=Attached is a link to the PDF you requested.%0D%0AThank     you for your interest. %0D%0A%0D%0Ahttp://linktomypdf.pdf&subject=Requested PDF";

Again, in my web app this code works perfectly on my PC in Chrome, on my Mac in Safari, as well as on my iPhone and iPad.

I used the same code in Phonegap Build and included the InAppBrowser, EmailComposer, and various other plugins in the config.xml file to build the ipa file for my iPad. The app works perfectly, all the buttons on the toolbar that do not rely on this piece of Javascript code work perfectly. However the e-mail button does nothing. I tap or even try to hold down the button and nothing happens. I tried using:


I also tried adding this line underneath the window.location:

window.open(mailPDF, ‘_self’);

and tried

window.open(mailPDF, ‘_blank’);

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

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