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I have a java-only mult-project sbt build. I have a project that builds a .war file (with xsbt-web-plugin). It depends on other projects that build .jars that get bundled into the .war.

In the .jar projects, I need to run an external process that generates .class files after compilation, and have those classes get bundled into the .jars packaged for the project.

So I can have a task that depends on compile and uses the classpath and output directory like this:

val ClassGen = TaskKey[Int]("generate-classes", "generates classes")
val ClassGenTask = ClassGen <<= doClassGen()

def doClassGen() =
  (streams in Compile,
   compile in Compile,
   classDirectory in Compile,
   fullClasspath in Compile) map {

     "command here" !

This seems to cause the task to depend on compilation. If I have package depend on my task, I think this will all run before the .jar file is built:

sbt.Keys.`package` <<=  (sbt.Keys.`package` in Compile) dependsOn ClassGen

But... when I execute the package task in the dependant project (the .war project), it does not seem to cause package to be executed in the dependencies. I have tried turning on exportJars to no avail.

I have also seen cases where my classes get generated but do not appear in the .jar file. This seems to be due to the package task being run before my ClassGen task.

I'm confused about how I can depend on the output of a post-compilation, external process task that generates classes, and have that dependency sequence properly with inter-project dependencies. I have looked into exportedProducts as per here which seems to be probably the thing that dependent projects would look for, but am out of ideas for how to make it work.

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You could add your output directory to products in Compile. If you check what package depends on, you'll see that it depends on compile:products (last line):

> inspect tree compile:package
[info] compile:package = Task[]
[info]   +-compile:packageBin = Task[]
[info]     +-compile:packageBin::packageConfiguration = Task[sbt.Package$Configuration]
[info]     | +-compile:packageBin::mappings = Task[scala.collection.Seq[scala.Tuple2[, java.lang.String]]]
[info]     | | +-compile:products = Task[scala.collection.Seq[]]

Seems like you could add your folder to which you generate classes to compile products. You could do this by adding setting

products in Compile += (target in Compile).value / "my_generated_classes"

given that you generate the classes to the target/my_generated_classes directory.

PS. I assume you generated binary classes and not sources which must be compiled.

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