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Have tried the following example in AngularjS but for some reason the results vanish

Step 1 >>> The results from JSON show up in Dropdown.

Step 2 >>> I select First element from the dropdown.

Step 3 >>> On selecting the first element from dropdown, the first value vanishes and dropdown also contains only one element.

Code to achieve the same was as shown below.

<div ng-controller="ProductsListController">
                              <div ng-show="products.length">
                                      <select ng-model="products" ng-options="product for product in products">
                                      <option value="">Select Account</option>

app.js code

angular.module('displayProductList').controller('ProductsListController', function($scope, $http) {
    console.log("Entered in app.js .... ");
    $scope.fetchProductsList = function() {
        console.log("Entered in app.js : fetchProductsList");
            console.log("Entered in app.js : before scope.products");
            $scope.products = productslist;
            console.log("Entered in app.js : after scope.products" + productslist);
    console.log("Before fetch");
    console.log("After fetch", $scope.products)
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You have ng-model set to the value of the array (ie. both are set to products). As a result, once a selection is made, the selected value overwrites the original value of the array.

These two values need to differ:

<select ng-model="product" ng-options="product for product in products">
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