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I have build a website. in that website there is section to download file using php script. our company has two ISP connections. one ISP allows to dowload file but other blocks it.

i thought this is browser problem but after hit and try methods, i come to conclusion that this is ISP problem. Am i right. please help me out.

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And how does this relate to htaccess? –  Matthew Scharley Oct 26 '08 at 8:07
My thoughts exactly. The question body is vague. –  ayaz Oct 26 '08 at 8:08
If they are offering a programming interface (ie. PHP), there is almost certainly a way around it, but we need to know what is being blocked, and how to be able to be any help. Please edit your question with more info. –  Matthew Scharley Oct 26 '08 at 8:11

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Technically, it's not the webserver that overrides the .htaccess but the other way around, and some settings indeed may not be allowed to be overridden in htaccess from the server configuration.

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Some files' extension might be prevented from downloading by the web server configuration.

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