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I am getting this gson error trying connect with my webservice

My JSON: //city.php

         {"id":"1","estate":"2","City":"São Lourenço do Oeste"}, 
         {"id":"2","estate":"2","City":"Porto Alegre"}

My class City:

      @DatabaseTable(tableName = "city")
        public class CidadeModel {

        @DatabaseField(columnName = "_id", id = true)
        private int id;

        @DatabaseField(canBeNull = false, foreign = true, foreignAutoRefresh = true)
        private Estate estate;

        @DatabaseField(columnName = "name_city", canBeNull = false)
        private String City;
     //getters and setters..

Im have the class Response Response.class

    public class Response {
        public ArrayList<City> City;

        public Response(){
            City = new ArrayList<City>();

This is one Part of Connection.class

     private class GetCityWebServiceTask extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> {
                Response response;

         protected Void doInBackground(Void... params) {
                String url = "http://mywebservice.com/webservice/city.php";
                HttpGet getRequest = new HttpGet(url);


            DefaultHttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient();
            HttpResponse getResponse = httpClient.execute(getRequest);
            final int statusCode = getResponse.getStatusLine().getStatusCode();

             HttpEntity getResponseEntity = getResponse.getEntity();
            InputStream httpResponseStream =      getResponseEntity.getContent();
            Reader inputStreamReader = new     InputStreamReader(httpResponseStream);

                Gson gson = new Gson();     
                this.response = gson.fromJson(inputStreamReader,Response.class);



someone can me help? Thanks for all

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How do you expect the JSON to be mapped to the POJO and why? –  Sotirios Delimanolis May 21 at 0:33
If i change the attribute private Estate estate; to private int estate; in my City class, it's Work, BUT the OrmLite he does not understand the attribute int state is a foreign key in the database. –  user2227682 May 21 at 1:09
My Getter and Setter of the State is: public Estate getEstate() { return estate; } public void setEstate(Estate estate) { this.estate = estate; } –  user2227682 May 21 at 1:23

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your pojo uses Estate as type of estate, while your json uses string/int "2" - your json Parser expects the estate object to start with opening brackets but sees the string "2" instead. either fix your json (including the estate object in each city) or work with "int estate"

update did you try the following json?

"City": [
             "id": "1",
             "estate": {
                 "estate": "2"
             "City": "Novo Horizonte"
             "id": "2",
             "estate": {
                 "estate": "3"
             "City": "Novo Horizonte2"

With your POJOs looking like this:

public class City {
    public int id;
    public Estate estate;
    public String City;
public class Estate {
    public int estate;

FYI: the easiest way to generate valid json to test/debug/fix your bugs:

String json = mygson.toJson(myResponse);
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I'm understing, but i having trying many differents json Parser with Estate object, example: { "City": [ { "id":"1", "Estate":{ "estate":"2" }, "City":"Novo Horizonte" } ] } and not working :( –  user2227682 May 27 at 0:28
a bit late, but i just updated my answer for you - i hope it helps –  Christian R. May 28 at 2:13

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