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I am using Node.js with express to create a web application. My app.js is going to be written in pure JavaScript but I am using external libraries that were written in Coffee-script. What should I call in my app.js so that the coffee-script will compile perfectly and I will be able to use the libraries?

Thank You!

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You'll probably have to add the coffee-script package to your project. Once this is done it should be as simple as adding require('coffee-script') to your app.js file.

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When you mean add the coffee-script package, do you mean simply add it as a dependency in package.json? – idude May 21 '14 at 19:51
If you have npm initialized for this project, then yes. – Chris Olszewski May 26 '14 at 21:31

Now you need to include it like this:

coffee = require('coffee-script/register');

This will register the extension.

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You could use the coffee command to run your app.js to have your external libraries compiled on the fly.

module.exports =
  speak: -> console.log 'hello world'


mod = require('./hello-world')

From the command line:

$ coffee app.js

Alternatively, you could compile all of your CoffeeScript to a directory and copy your JS to the same directory with any build tool like grunt, gulp, make, or bash. Then, your JS would be requiring JS and running JS.

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