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I'm trying to utilize the CoffeeScript Cookbook's debounce function, but I'm struggling with how to pass the function.

Here's my code:

$('#inputID').on 'keyup', =>
    query = $('#inputID').val()
    func = => console.debug(query)
    Debounce.debounceFunction func, 300, false

The debounce function is called and the 300 and the "false" are passed just fine, but the 'func' doesn't execute.

In a separate file I have:

root = exports ? this

class Debouncer
  debounceFunction: (func, threshold, execAsap) ->
    timeout = null
    (args...) ->
        obj = this
        delayed = ->
            func.apply(obj, args) unless execAsap
            timeout = null
        if timeout
        else if (execAsap)
        timeout = setTimeout delayed, threshold || 100

root.Debounce = new Debouncer()
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The example in the Cookbook is misleading. You want the debouncer to return the function when registering the event handler. That way your timeout logic is run every time a keyup event occurs.

$('#inputID').on 'keyup', Debounce.debounceFunction(func, 300, false)

Try it on jsfiddle

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. The fiddle was very helpful. – dolphinkickme May 22 '14 at 16:59

It seems to me that with debounce you're just defining the function. you'll have to execute it too...

func = ->
  query = $('#inputID').val()

debounceFunc = debounce func, 300, false

$('#inputID').on 'keyup', -> debounceFunc()
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Thanks Jamshid! But the debounce function is being executed, the problem is that the function I'm passing to it is not being executed. I clarified my question - it was unclear in that regard. – dolphinkickme May 21 '14 at 19:46

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